You are Successful if You Do These 7 Things (Richard Branson style)

Richard BransonI am a big fan of Sir Richard Branson and after meeting him I became obsessed with his teachings. After reading all of his books and lot’s of stuff on his personal blog, I have summarized the most interesting points about success by Sir Richard Branson.

1. Success in any career is closely tied to doing what you enjoy and developing skills and talents.

If you are considering becoming a successful entrepreneur, remember that leaders in this field are usually flexible and open-minded. They are also able to imagine themselves in their customers’ shoes. And they have empathy not nly for their colleagues and employees but for the people who are affected by the business’s operations.

2. You need to have a mentor.

It can be difficult to assess one’s strengths and weaknesses. Remember, a good mentor is not necessarily someone who is well-known, but, rather, someone who is leading a rich and enriching life. Reach out to a business leader who has made a difference that is important to you.

3. Focus on your strengths.

Success is entrepreneur is about ideas and excellence. Not excellence measured in awards, or other people’s approval, but the sort one achieves for oneself by exploring what the world has to offer.

4. Success in business has nothing to do with profits.

Profits are necessary to invest in the next project, to pay the bills, repay investors and reward people for their hard work – but that’s all. The reality is that, in business, money flows like a running stream. During one season, it might be a torrent, but then your cash flow dries up overnight.

5. If money is a poor guide to achievement, celebrity is worse.

The media tends to personalize and simplify matters. It’s much easier for reporters to talk about Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates or Richard Branson but that does not reflect the reality that a legion of senior people at these companies make many major decisions every day – they just don’t talk to media about it,

6. Success in business is best measured by difference you have made.

Success in business is best measured by whether or not you have created something of which you can be truly proud of and whether or not you’ve made a real difference for others.

7. Do something positive for the planet.

The more you become conscious about what impact your company leaves on a global level, the more you can help environmental problems. The debate about climate change has taucht us that no one is going to solve global warming by edict, but local solutions and small initiatives tend to punch well above their weight. In the business of sustainable energy, small is beautiful.


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