#WORLDCLASS Magazines – 25 random facts about me

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 11.36.12 PMHey friends!

I am super excited about this post!

A. I will share some random stuff about myself that you would never guess.

B. I will run a contest:  best comment with YOUR random stuff about you will get a Cover feature in #WORLDCLASS Magazines!

Let’s do this!

I jump on my mini-rebounder every morning and scream incantation like: I am healthy! I am Successful! I am Wealthy! I am Love! I am Joy! I am Happy!

I am Type A personality ( You will find me running around with 2, sometimes 3 cell phones running several ventures all at once)

My lovely dobbie Younes sleeps on my bed (or He probably thinks that I sleep on his bed 🙂

My favorite book ever: Outwitting the Devil  by Napoleon Hill (highly recommended, it will change your life!)

I love having Acai Bowl for breakfast.

I have healed myself from Lyme Disease when doctors told me it was incurable.

I met Sir Richard Branson in San Diego in Balboa Park after his son’s film premier and had a brief convo with him 🙂

I am originally from Belarus, just like Gary Vaynerchuk and Victoria Azarenka.

Speaking of Azarenka, I am obsessed with tennis and have dated #1 tennis player in the world. (If you want to find our who, it is in my book Raw. Real. Revealed: Confession of an Eco-Diva).

I love being in Love and being Love: best feeling ever! ❤️

I have done over 300 interviews for my #WORLDCLASS Magazines under 14 months.

I dislike coffee, but like espresso with almond milk.

I love lifting weigh, it is my MEDITATION.

I believe LOVE is the answer.

I own 27 yoga pants ?

I believe in vision boards and love to check mark my accomplishments.

My biggest role model is Tony Robbins. 

I have done 5 free walks!

Favorite flower: orchid.

Favorite attributes in men: masculine, authentic, vulnerable, has proper values and integrity.

Biggest passion: inspire and empower men and women to live up to their potential and beyond and saving environment.

Favorite cities: Paris, New York City, Agadir (Morocco) and San Diego.

Favorite car: Tesla.

I am NOT a morning person 🙂

I have invented Grippz Yoga Mats and hold a patent 🙂

Now your turn to leave me random facts about yourself to be featured on a cover of #WORLDCLASS Magazines AND #WORLDCLASS PODCAST! Leave a comment!


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