Why YOU need a Mentor Revealed.


“Will you mentor me”, is the most important question you can ask. I have learned that from one of my mentors Berny Dohrmann, the Chairman of “CEO Space International”, author of “Diamond Heart”, “Money Magic”, and “Super Achievers” and the inventor of Super Teaching™.


I find mentorship to be one of the most helpful resources that very few people take advantage of. Having a mentor will bring you to your goals much faster than doing it all on your on, will save you from making mistakes that could cost you tons of money, and will elevate your progress exponentially. And mentors are absolutely amazing people.

Having a mentor will open many doors for you not only in your business but in personal relationships as well. You also will end up with a lifelong friend and potential future business partner. Every successful person had and has mentors in their lives. Otherwise they would not be here today.

You might think that it’s really hard and near to impossible to get a successful person to help you with advise. Trust me, this is the opposite! Successful people are happy to help you out if you have goals and ambitions. They will coach you and help you with advise. They even will introduce you to many influential people.

Mentors are extremely beneficial regardless whether they are in the same industry as yourself or not, whether you’re a start up or experienced professional, there are always others who have “been there, done that” from whom you can learn. So no matter who you are, NOW is a great time to start! We are always learning and evolving, and even the most experienced professional doesn’t know everything. If you are just starting out and have no access to successful influential people, there is no excuse not to learn form the best.

There are many ways you can start learning before you acquire an actual mentor. Actually it is crucial you go through all the steps listed below in order to be ready to be mentored. If you could be mentored by anyone, who would it be? Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, John Maxwell, Brendon Burchard, Brian Tracy, Sir Richard Branson or someone else? All of them have a blog, podcast and Youtube channel and are giving away tons of content—for free. Are you taking advantage of it?

I personally always listen to my mentors’ podcasts while driving or running. I love books! And now it is so easy to have an extensive library anywhere you go in your iPad or other reading device. For a few bucks you can get invaluable information on any topic. I am a book addicts, I read while I am waiting in line to check out, while I am waiting for my veggie juice in a juice bar, in a restaurant, on a beach, on a plane, and anywhere I can. And I encourage you to do the same!

I’ve spent hundreds of hours with Tony Robbins, John Assaraf, Brendon Burchard, Joseph Mcclendon III, Robert Kiyosaki, and numerous others by attending their seminars. Live events put you in the environment of total immersion, focused uninterrupted learning, and interaction with like-minded people. At a 4-day Tony Robbins event, that runs from 9 am to midnight, we have on average a 15-hour day, which makes it a 60-hour weekend. This is more hours in 4 days than you get for a business class the whole semester in college. Can you imagine if it is a 6-day event? You get around 90 hours of training that is equaled to two college semesters of a single business class!

Mastermind groups are great too! You can find one in your area by asking other entrepreneurs or look for meet ups in your city. These are great places to meet successful people, exchange ideas and network. Another option is to get a coach. As a matter of fact, it is a MUST if you want to succeed in your business. Every professional athlete, Olympian champion, bestselling author, successful entrepreneur has a coach. I would really encourage you to invest in a coach to grow your business faster, , optimize your productivity and avoid many mistakes. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have—a one-on-one, traditional mentoring relationship—focus on what you do have: more opportunities than ever before in history to learn and grow. If you simply expand your definition, you will find there are mentoring opportunities everywhere.

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