STARBUCKS a great company or an environmental disaster?

Howard SchultzI have been admiring Starbucks corporation for some time now. Even though I have stopped my caffein addiction long time ago, I am still a frequent Starbucks customer: just to grab a bottle of water, a green juice they have in a fridge and a banana. These 3 items come down to $8 bucks. “Not bad” for coffee non-drinker to drop at one visit.

Every time I go to Starbucks, I am getting frustrated by constantly running water. I always ask the baristas to close the tab with no avail.

Starbucks Wasting More Than 6 Million Gallons of Water a Day!!!!

As a result of running water all day, every day at each of the company’s 10,000 worldwide coffee emporiums, Starbucks wastes water in an amount The Sun estimated to be “enough daily water for the entire 2 million strong population of drought-hit Namibia in Africa or fill an Olympic pool every 83 minutes.”

Apart from the wastage itself, there are potentially other environmental effects. The energy used to pump water from the ground and treat it increases the carbon footprint of the entire operation.

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As a citizen of this Planet, I am really concerned with this kind of practice. Again, I really admire Starbucks and its CEO Howard Shultz. I believe they he is an exceptional entrepreneur to create such a mega corporation. However, the water waste is completely unacceptable leading to multiple environmental issues.

I am kindly asking you, my friends, to tell your local Starbucks to turn off the running water as many times as possible every single time you visit your local spot. We, consumers, are voting with our $$$ for these unethical practices. We can and we MUST stop this!