Katrina and team offer full service Celebrity Book Launch, Publicity and Branding  for Experts and Advisors.

1. Media Placements, Including Covers. 

We will make you a Celebrity by featuring in all types of media,including magazine Covers!

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2. Website Consulting.

Your website is your digital business card. We make sure your website is professional looking, easy to navigate and provides tons of valuable content. We help you update your blog posts and consult on copywriting.

3. Book Launch.

Being an author opens many doors for you, including but not limited to higher speaking fees, media appearances, high end clients, passive income and tons of content for your blog. Katrina and team will guide you step by step (or do it for you) how to create, write, edit, publish, launch and promote your book.

4. Back-end Products.

We will help you create multiple back-end products to generate even more residual income.

5.  Testimonials and Endorsements.

We will help you get as many reviews, testimonials and endorsements as possible (written and video). The more the better.

Katrina got celebrities endorsements for her books that boosted her sales overnight! And she did not have to pay a dime for it! And the difference between a celebrity mentioning what they’re reading or being photographed with a copy of a book and the sales effect of an established book sales engineer really two different things. The last one brings 50% more sales!

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5. Social Media.

It’s crucial to your success to get active on social media. Katrina has created 90% of her network and business via social media. Check out her Facebook pages to see how she networks. Actually due to Facebook she has connected and became friends with #1 world athletes, billionaires, NYT bestselling authors, and outstanding people. Even connection with  Sir Richard Branson happened due to Facebook!

We will create the buzz on social media for you and teach you how you can apply it to your other services.

6.Traditional Media.

It seems almost impossible to get on TV or on a cover of a magazine for 95% of population. However it’s easy for an author! Katrina has been featured all over online and offline media just because she is an author. Recently she has been a guest on Dr. Oz show. You MUST do the same to differentiate yourself form other experts in your industry and become an Icon Advisor!

7. Amazon Bestseller. 

Katrina and team will create the whole marketing campaign for you to become an Amazon Bestseller (guaranteed!) just the way we have done it for all other clients.

8.  Appearance on Katrina’s TV Show.

Become a featured guest on Katrina’s TV Show. Just a few names: Loral Langemeier (Secret), John Assaraf (Secret), Greig Reid (Bestselling Author), Bill Walsh, David E. Stanley (Elvis Presley’s step brother), Michael Irvin – NFL, Matthew Hatchette – NFL, Bryon Russel, John Assaraf, Joseph Mcclendon III, Berny Dohrman, and others.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level and to brand yourself as an Icon Advisor, contact us for details.