Millionaires vs Billionaires



Financial success is so hugely different for different people. For someone it’s to break into 6-figure income, for another it’s to become a millionaire and later a multi-millionaire. For some people success is to become the top 1% in the world by accumulating net-worth of billions.

The thing is, we are all born with equal potential, by the way with unlimited and absolutely infinite potential. How we use this potential is solely up to us. Our mind is the most valuable asset we are born with, it is the only thing required to achieve anything we want in life, and I mean ANYTHING.

One of my biggest passions in life is to study people’s mind, world-class vs average person mindset, and figure out patterns what it takes to become a champion. While working on my book and documentary on mindset and interviewing luminaries from world-class athletes, millionaires and bestselling authors to billionaires, I have unexpectedly discovered different patterns that run among millionaires and totally opposite among billionaires, and I am happy to share them with you. The basic core difference between Millionaires & Billionaires is – Mindset.

Let me start with the “poor”, i.e. millionaires. After interviewing about 30 multi millionaires from all kind of industries, I have recorded the following steps to success (according to my interviewees) and character traits of millionaires. All of them were nice and friendly, however at the same time somewhat arrogant and appeared superior to others. Some of the millionaires I’ve met are not nice at all and snobbish. Despite of their characters, they all had the following steps to success:

~ Clearly define your goal and never quit till you achieve it.

~ You will get a lot of “no’s”, just keep asking till you finally get a “yes” despite of your fear of rejection.

~ Get a role model that achieved that goal already and model them.

As a result, Millionaires BUILD WEALTH while Billionaires CREATE NEW WEALTH in the Economy. Millionaires DO INVESTMENTS while Billionaires CREATE INVESTMENTS in which millions of people want to Invest in. The different mindset makes up the 2 basic differences listen above.

First billionaire I was interviewing was Sanjiv Sidhu the founder of I2. In 2000, Sanjiv was listed at No. 41 on Forbes magazine’s list of the world’s richest people, the 24th-richest man in America with $10 billion, making him then wealthier than investors Carl Icahn, George Soros and Kirk Kerkorian. During the interview Mr. Sidhu was given totally different answers from millionaires, and I thought to myself that he was just “different”. To my big surprise, a billionaire Michael Hansen, owner/developer of Dubai’s Palm Island,  had the same mindset as Sanjiv. And when finally I have interviwed the third billionaire that had the same mindset as Mr. Sanjiv and Mr. Hansen, I became eager to share my discoveries!

First of, all the billionaires I have met were super nice, humble, and never made anyone feel inferior. They are friendly, modest and respectful. The following steps to success of billionaires are totally opposite to millionaires:

~  Millionaires say to clearly define your goal and never quit till you achieve it, while billionaires say if you try something over and over again and it does not work – you will go out of business. You clearly need to change your goal and a route to achieve it.

~ Millionaires say you will get a lot of “no’s”, just keep asking till you finally get a “yes” despite of your fear of rejection, while billionaires say if the process is hurting you by creating even greater fear, find more balanced path.

~ Millionaires say to get a role model that achieved that goal already and model them, while billionaires say not to model anyone, but create something your own, unique, be your own motivator. If you can’t motivate yourself, role models won’t help.

That being said … how do Billionaires create new wealth and create investments in the Economy? Well, they do it by developing a successful Business and later on they take that Business to the public.

Taking your Business to the public means  that you are creating new Investments in the economy in which millions of people are eager to invest in. Millionaires invest in someone else’s profitable Businesses while Billionaires are so confident about themselves and their businesses that they keep investing and re-investing in their own Businesses and make their Businesses world sensations.

Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, McDonalds, and Coca-Cola are only just a few Examples of Giant Billionaire Businesses. The founders of all of these Businesses are Billionaires because they thought and acted in the different manner from millionaires.


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