Let’s talk sex! For women only.


Katrina, how dare you to talk sex when you are a business woman? Exactly, the key word is woman, and thats’s why I am open to talk about sex as if It was  my next social media campaign.

How about the “O” word? Oftentimes it is a taboo to talk about orgasm. Well, not on this blog. Everything is raw and real here, and lets reveal it! Let’s confront it: guys get off before we even get warmed up. It was happening in the past, it is happening now, and it will be happening in the future. And the only person to change that is YOU. Get over your insecurities and self-consciousness. You are gorgeous woman, a goddess that all men want to have but you choose to be with him.

He wants you and adores you, so stop thinking about your thighs, your belly and your cellulite. Hey, even Kim Kardashian admitted having cellulite! You possess a gorgeous feminine body, so embrace it! Stop focusing on your insecurities and relax. Tell him softly what you like and direct him. I wish men would read a few books or at least google how to please a woman. From my own experience and experience of hundreds of women I have interviewed, a lot of men have no idea how to make us happy in bed. Porn era has totally screwed up the meaning of sex.

I would love to see a man’s reaction when after an orgasm a woman turns her face to the wall and falls asleep snoring and farting, while leaving him turned on. Yep, this is exactly how we feel! So if your man had never made his research and he is done in three minutes when you are still unsure whether he was inside or whether you were hallucinating, you gotta teach him, girlfriend. Direct him and do not be afraid of telling him what you like. If he does not make sure you are having great time, he does not really care about you. Fire him!

I think every man and woman should learn about OM, which stands for Orgasmic Meditation. This is not some kind of cult, hippie, spiritual or Tantra practice. Even though I am fascinated by Tantra and spiritual sexual connection, this practice is not about it. I went to see Nicole Daedone speak in San Diego after watching her Ted Talk. I was really fascinated by this practice. I agree 100% with Nicole that modern women over-shop, overeat, over-exercise, overachieve, and are still hungry. They are hungry for orgasm. Go to Nicole’s website to learn more: www.onetaste.us


This is an excerpt from my book RAW.REAL.REVEALED.

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