Katrina’s 7 MUSTs to Live an Extraordinary Life

Happy couple embracing and laughing on the beach1. Make your health your #1 priority.

If you don’t feel great, you can’t do great. Feed yourself with nourishing foods, exercise daily, meditate and detox regularly.

2. Be unique.

There are 7 billions people on this planet but you are an exclusive one! Do not copy what others do. Stay true to your values. Follow your dreams. Share your passion.

3. Make everyone feel like they are the most important person in the world.

Treat everyone exactly the way you want to be treated: with love, respect and compassion. Every single person on this planet knows something you don’t know, experienced something you have not, faced adversities and conquered challenges. Learn form them.

4. Become a smoking hot brain candy.

Read a lot. Travel the world. Study different cultures, history, languages, biographies and art. The more eclectic your education is the hotter you become.

5. Always be stunningly polite.

There is never too much politeness you can ooze.

6. It is always 90% about them and 10% about you.

Ask a lot of questions. Show genuine interest. Smile a lot.

7. Life is short. Help more people.

At the end you won’t care how much wealth you’ve accumulated, but you will care how many lives you have impacted.


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