JT Foxx Threatens to Sue Me

I never disclose my personal life, but the message I  received yesterday made me write this post to protect my name and reputation. A gentleman that speaks at JT Foxx’s events frequently sent me a message calling me a person of low morals, saying exactly:  “Well I think what you have done is disgusting. I think you are a person of low morale  value, and not worthy of friendship with me. Good luck with your manipulative life moving forward.” This was the last straw  of the whole already disturbing situation.

JT Foxx approached me on Facebook in April 2013 inviting me to one of his events. Soon he showed an interest in a personal relationship, and we exchanged numbers. Mr. Foxx was sending me anywhere between 5 to15 txt messages a day every day for the first 2 month. On June 1, 2013 we met in Los Angeles, CA. I asked Mr. Foxx on our first date how long it had been since he had been in a relationship, and he said it had been  5 years ago.

JT and I continued seeing each other at his events as well as he visited me in San Diego, CA. I have let Mr. Foxx know several times via txt message and in person that the only way I would be involved in a relationship with him was if this relationship has a potential for future commitment. Mr. Foxx said he had the same intentions.

On January 16, 2014 someone mentioned Mr. Foxx in a conversation and they mentioned JT Foxx’s girlfriend. I though that was a mistake, because for 8 months Mr. Foxx acted like he did not have a girlfriend, and had told me he had had no serious relationship for five years. An hour later a mutual friend of ours sent me Mr. Foxx’s girlfriend Facebook profile. I still could not believe that was true, because I though of Mr. Foxx as a man of integrity. I  sent him a txt message asking about Jessica. His response was:” Don’t believe everything you hear.”  I  sent his girlfriend Jessica Ramsey screenshots of our txt messages to let her know the situation, since she was also being treated unfairly. According to Ms. Ramsey, she has been in a relationship with Mr. Foxx for the past 8 years and  moved in with him in March 2013. At first she was skeptical and said he could not be in San Diego visiting me, because she manages his flights and Mr. Foxx supposedly was in London those dates. An hour later Mr. Foxx’s doctor confirmed that Mr. Foxx was in California and visited him those same dates. I also asked Ms. Ramsey how come there were not a single picture of them together anywhere online. Her response was:” We have pictures they just are not advertised, because he wants to keep me “safe”. The only way to hurt him is if someone were to hurt me.” Smart strategy Mr. Foxx!

Two days later Ms. Ramsey contacted me and initiated an on-line conversation. A minute later Mr. Foxx sent me txt messages threatening to sue me for “harassing” Jessica, even though I had no interest in talking to either of them, and she was initiating this conversation. “I will sue and make an example”, Mr. Foxx wrote.     I also learned at this time that Mr. Foxx had been sued by more than one woman in the recent past for harassment or the like.

I was about to “close the case” and move on, when two days later a gentleman that speaks at JT Foxx’s events  sent me the message I referred to above , inquiring about this situation. I let him know that my attorney advised not to comment.  This person wrote: “Well I think what you have done is disgusting. I think you are a person of low morale value, and not worthy of friendship with me. Good luck with your manipulative life moving forward.”

I don’t know what this person is referring to or what lies Mr. Foxx has told him, but the person of low moral character here is Mr. Foxx.  He has deceived two women, and is apparently now lying about one of them.  I don’t know about the other lawsuits by women, but it may be a pattern of behavior.   Foxx had never apologized for his behavior, but rather lies about me and threatens legal trouble.   His business associate calls me names. This is absolutely unacceptable, and my family and I are quite disturbed with this situation.

JT, if for once you were a man and apologized for what you have done, this post would never be published.  I am sorry you chose to proceed this way, and I hope you will stop lying about me.



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