Is Setting up Goals Hype?, 2016 is in full force and I must confess, I have not set up my yearly goals. I was so-called “busy”. Then I have decided to make an experiment and see for myself if setting up goals is really hype …

Every single year I start in December by carefully planning my year ahead, setting up goals in ALL areas of my life: health, relationships and business. I write them out in my journal several times, highlight them in different colors and make notes as they progress. Also, I create vision boards with the same goals, but using pictures instead. I set my vision boards by my desk and make sure I see them every single day.

This year I have slacked. I did not create vision boards, I did not write down my goals, I did not even take time to clearly think what exactly I want to achieve this year and how I want to live my life.

It is the middle of February, and to be honest I started panicking. I began having days when I felt like I had no direction for this particular day, week, month year and my life. I started feeling like a drifter, because I started drifting. (Referring to OUTWOTTING THE DEVIL, Napoleon Hill) This is the worst feeling ever. I honestly can’t imagine how drifters keep drifting their whole life, because in only 6 weeks I realized I MUST immediately take my time, spend hours or even several days to clearly define what I want and what I am striving for, AND write it down I my journal to imprint it even harder in my mind.

This little experiment lasted only 6 weeks and I can definitely say, setting up goals is NOT hype, it’s a MUST!