How Yoga Saved My Life

Katrina Starzhynskaya YogaI am an avid yogi today, however that was not always the case. In fact, I got into yoga for strictly “professional” reasons. I was in my early twenties and I was one of the best fitness instructors in New York. Besides teaching classes in all kind of fancy gym all over NYC, I was running my own in-home fitness business. Yoga was I huge trend in New York and I have decided to get certified just to add extra qualifications to my fitness career.
As you can imagine, I have signed up for Yoga Teacher Training without taking any yoga class EVER! (This is not unusual considering I have gone to get my masters in Oriental Medicine without having an acupuncture treatment ever before starting school and now I am hooked :))
So this is how my Yoga journey began…
I fell in love with every single aspect of it: philosophy, meditation, physical practice (asanas). I just loved how it made my body and mind feel.
I start practicing regularly ever since.

Katrina Starzhynskaya Yoga
One day I woke up with a “mysterious” disease: half of my face was paralyzed, half of my body was numb. I was in excruciating pain and in shock. To make a long story short, 4 months later after being undiagnosed and misdiagnosed I was finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease and labeled “incurable”.
This is when yoga became my escape, my savor, my life. I went though the most difficult time in my life. At times I was not sure if I would survive. Yoga always gave me hope. No matter how sick I was, how tired I felt, how depressed I got, I would go to yoga practice religiously 5 times a week. I am practicing hot yoga for extra health benefits. (You can read more about my healing journey in my book Katrina’s Recovery from a Mysterious Disease). Of course I was taking herbs, supplest and eating plant based diet, however I believe yoga was one of the major parts of my recovery.

Katrina Starz Yoga

A few months ago I was going through a difficult time recovering from a heart brake. For several weeks I did not leave my house and was not able to do anything, but yoga. (Only in movies girls are eating chocolate and watching romantic movies, I was not eating nor watching anything). Yoga was the only thing that kept me sane, that gave me peace of mind and silently whispered to me “Everything is going to  be OK“. For that 60 minutes a day that I took for myself I felt peace, I felt calm, I felt lie the whole Universe was there to support me.

Katrina Starz Yoga

Today while I was on my mat, my intention was to spread this ancient “secret” with those who did not give it a try yet. I encourage you to start practicing yoga and you will never look back.

For those who already is a regular, I encourage you to bring your practice off your mat and practice yoga in your life. Watch the way your life and those around you will blossom.


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* Stunning photography by Charles Jaworki