How I survived the Biggest Nightmare — Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease CureAm I in the middle of a nightmare? Is this really happening to me? What happened to my life? Is my life really over? How do the doctors not know what’s wrong with me? Does no one around me understand? I am so scared. I have tried hundreds of treatments and supplements and I am not any better. I have spent all my money on doctors and I am just getting worse.  Won’t someone please help me!?


Most days you have extreme fatigue and most nights you have insomnia. You wake up like you have not slept at all. You experience sharp stabbing headaches, excruciating joint pain, and you’re barely able to cope with work or school because your brain feels so foggy that you forget how to perform simple tasks.

On some days, unpredictably, you have to miss school or work because your symptoms are multiplied. Migraines, random body aches, indigestion, neurological issues, joint and muscle pain, debilitating brain fog, fatigue, anxiety, depression, derealization – just to name a few. And no one really can see them and understand them. Five of six doctors told you that all your symptoms were psychological and it was all in your head, and the other one was baffled because your blood work and all medical tests known to mankind are “normal”.

Your boss has told you that your job is at risk because you have taken too many sick days, and your family and friends think you are either making excuses or over-dramatizing your problems to avoid work and home chores and pretending to be sick for attention. “But you look so good,” they tell you. Abandoned by the closest and dearest people to you, you slowly lose hope and faith, you doubt if it’s worth living like that, you are praying to God to either heal you or take you.

A few months or even years later you are diagnosed with Lyme, Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME or any other “invisible” illness.

And your journey begins…

Lyme Disease Cure

When you’re first diagnosed a warm feeling of peace washes over you. Now you have a “label” to put on your condition. Finally you know what is wrong with you and you are going to “take care” of it.

Then shock and denial sets in. You do some research about your diagnosis and realize it can be a death sentence. So you deny the reality of the diagnosis at some point in order to avoid emotional pain. Shock provides psychological protection from being overwhelmed all at once.

Then the anger at losing the life you once had overpowers you. You may rail against fate, questioning “Why me?”  “What did I do wrong?”

Eventually the anger subsides and deep depression, anxiety and loneliness set in. Just when your friends and family may think you should be getting on with your life, a long period of sad reflection most likely overtakes you.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Katrina’s Recovery book is an urgent warning for everyone. I know what it’s like to live in this nightmare and worse. Believe me, it has been a long road to where I am today with my health and my life. I have denied, cried, pounded my head against the wall… and on my best days I’ve picked myself up yet again only to lose control over my life a few days later. I know what it’s like to live for many years with pains, fatigue and brain fog. Many times, I‘ve just wanted to give up. But I have also figured out how to conquer that noise in the back of my head that held me back and told me I would never be healthy again.

Lyme Disease Cure

Chronic pains and physical suffering, anxiety and depression, depersonalization and derealization, extreme fatigue and brain fog, memory loss and confusion are very hard to suffer through because no one can relate and understand. I know how abandoned, isolated and detached they can make you feel. For most, they instigate a total catastrophe in your life causing you to separate from your loved ones, lose relationships, end your career, and generally cause you to be stagnant or debilitated in your life.

Keep in mind that no disease is impossible to cure. For the forces of nature, the rejuvenating capacity of constructive thoughts, and the healing power of faith and prayer, will support anyone who determines to become well.

Dr Gurudath


Katrina’s Recovery book is not meant to be medical advice, but rather a personal account of my story; hopefully giving you some insight and confidence that there is a way to overcome debilitating chronic disease. However, I truly believe that if you apply all of the master principles of a vital life I discuss in Part 2 of this book, like your life depends on it (and it does!), you will recover from any degenerative illness in under a year. I hope that ultimately this book will teach you ways of reversing an invisible illness and help you to get your life back.

Furthermore, this book is not meant to provide information on the basics of Lyme disease, such as what it is, what the symptoms are, how it is contracted, what the standard treatments are and so forth.

This book is meant to inspire and empower you with my personal story along with some other success stories I have compiled. Also this book is for the family members of those who are currently battling Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and other invisible illnesses. It will help to open your eyes and hopefully your mind to really understand what your loved one is going through.

I know that many of us are alone, with no one in our lives we can vent to about our illness. Many of us are also desperate for any meaningful relief. Your doctor is supposed to understand and help you, right?

Lyme Disease CureWhat I learned is that it is important, as with any “invisible” chronic illness, to FIRST work on your mindset to achieve a faster and more complete recovery.   The reason is that your mind and your emotional health are going to be your foundation to get you through the scary aspects of healing the physical body.

Illness, most of the time, is caused by a weakened immune system due to chronic stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, and other stressors.  This is why it is so important to restore your immune system first while addressing the disruption, caused by a bacterial, viral or fungal infection, as well as environmental toxicity.

Let me offer my support and guide you through major steps for your recovery. Like many, I tried every possible treatment for Lyme with little improvement. Why? Because soon I realized that it was all about addressing my mental attitude, radically changing my life style, and supporting the immune system first instead of desperately seeking a cure.

How you handle the next step will determine how the rest of your life will be lived. You can try to focus on the positive aspects such as the things you’re still able to do and the people who are there to support you, or you can be depressed and angry the rest of your life. It is your choice, my friend.  I am here to help. Do not allow the disease to win the battle!

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