How I met 8 Billionaires and Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington

Kevin Harrington & Katrina Starzhynskaya

Kevin Harrington & Katrina Starzhynskaya

I just recently ran into a “self-worth” issue…

A friend of mine has invited me to an event, where I had an opportunity not only to meet and greet 8 billionaires, but also to have a dinner with them and really get inside the inner circle. Besides the billionaires, I would also meet the famous Kevin Harrington, “As Seen on TV” pioneer and an original “Shark” on “Shark Tank”.

Well, my first reaction was “YES! Of course I am going!” I have booked my tickets right away. The next day this little demon started playing games with my mind… This little noise somewhere on a back of my head started telling me that I was not good enough, I had nothing to offer those billionaires, and I was not worthy. I was about to cancel my trip… [You can watch this video to get an idea of what I am talking about]

At 5 am my alarm went off. I got up, turned on the shower and though to myself: “Why am I going? I can’t add any value to those people, I should stay home.” Then I used Tony Robbins’ technique and changed my state. I took a cold shower, got dressed, put on my sexy heels, grabbed my Hermes and took off to the airport.

To make a long story short… My friend, who organized the event, put me on a VIP list. When I entered the event room, I saw a sign “VIP Judge”, since I was a VIP, but not a judge, I took a regular seat. My friend noticed that and pointed me to move into VIP section. I gladly did of course. As soon as I sat at VIP, event staff came up to me and gave me “DH Competition Judge Evaluation Form”. I told them I was not a judge, but they were already long gone. This is how I ended up being a judge for the whole competition among those billionaires.

Next, my goal was to personally meet Kevin Harrington. During lunch I was watching closely for him. As soon as Kevin hit buffet, I have approached him and asked if I could speak with him for 1-2 minutes, and immediately asked if he did not mind to have lunch with me.

During our lunch, I immediately took out my “fancy business card”, i.e. my book Raw.Real.Revealed – Confessions of an Eco Diva.  What do you think happened next? Of course talk about my book and my story 🙂

“So, what an Eco-Diva“, Kevin asked, followed by tons of more questions. (If you don’t have a book, you are missing out my friend! Take my FREE training on how anyone can launch a book)

Then of course I asked Kevin for an interview for my online TV Show. He was a little unsure, so I have used my killer script I use when asking celebrities and luminaries for an interview with me. Hey, if people like Sir Richard Branson (here is the photo Sir Richard Branson is reading my book “Katrina’s Recovery”),  Loral Langemeir, John Assaraf, Phil Michelson,  and others gave me an interview, it means MY SCRIPT WORKS!

So, Kevin finally agreed and left me his card with his cell number to make arrangements. (Yes, I have Kevin Harrington’s private number in my cell now, along with numbers of above listed people and more). Moreover, Kevin did not take my book, because he had no where to put it, so he asked to mail it to him, and gave me his home address. Now I know who I am going to visit on my next trip to sunny Florida. 🙂

Then I got all these investors coming up to me and asking what business I am launching like hungry sharks. I got their business cards to send them my executive summary. How cool is that?! 🙂

After the lunch we were back to the room. Soon after, I WAS INVITED TO DANCE ON STAGE WITH KEVIN. Yes, you’ve heard it right!

Kevin Harrington

And then it’s all history: we went for dinner together (Kevin, billionaires, and other cool people).

I have to say HUGE thank you to my friend Martyn Anstey, , who made it all happened for me. Martyn is an award-winning Entrepreneur, Investor, and Author responsible for building iconic brands on a global basis such as Huggies, Kleenex, Financial Times, Citroen, National Geographic, Wall Street Institute & Fox TV. Check out his company here: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Watch my video about my absolutely crazy-fantastic day!


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