How I avoided emotional eating.









I was going through major emotional breakdown just a few days ago. My feelings and emotions became just overwhelming and I was having hard time coping. My usual reaction would be eating some comfort foods to numb my feelings. (Trust me, there are tons of raw vegan treats that would do the job 🙂 This time I have decided to deal with my emotions, process them as they come and go. That was an amazing experience! Watch my video below to learn how you can avoid emotional eating when dealing with emotional breakdown.

Emotional eating occurs when food becomes a person’s response to certain internal or external emotional cues. Rather than sit with their emotions and the discomfort they bring, the emotional eater will eat comfort foods in an effort to distract themselves from the pain. In most cases, this also involves a sort of compulsive overeating that results in the stomach feeling overly full. Of course, this kind of eating does not come without negative side effects.

Many individuals suffering from emotional eating disorder will use compulsive overeating or bingeing as an attempt to deal with and control emotions or negative feelings. Many people use emotional eating occasionally. However, when emotional eating or compulsive eating becomes a person’s only technique for dealing with emotions, stress, depression, or other negative feelings, it is a serious problem.


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