“Why live an ordinary life, when you can live an extraordinary one.”

― Anthony Robbins

Blonde, brunette, and redhead arrive at the high-end steak house in a brand new Benz. They pull up straight to valet. As the guys open doors for them, 3 pairs of endless legs in Loubutin’s gracefully showing up revealing 3 gorgeous women in style. While these women are walking with confidence and “I-don’t-give-a-***” attitude , single men are turning their heads to watch them walk by, married men are incoherently staring at their wives not to get in trouble and women are throwing jealous “hater” glances at them.

These 3 gorgeous women do not belong here, they are different, they are confident, they are real, they are raw! It’s Friday night, and place is packed with rich brats, celebrities, and “wanna be’s”. Crowd is indulging in thousand dollar wines and fancy martinis, steaks and “market priced” seafood dishes, bragging about new “toys” they have recently bought.

Julie, Anna, and Katrina take their table and ready to place an order. “Sparkling water with lemon please for the table. We would like to have an order of steamed broccoli, side dish of asparagus no butter, Brussels sprouts, and mushrooms.” Pretty unexpected for high-end ladies in style that send out an image of “The Dom Perignon White Gold Jeroboam” and escargot lovers.

Women envy them for being so gorgeous with fit bodies, flawless skin and designer clothes. Women envy them because they want to be just like them – healthy, fit, confident, and successful. People do not realize how much hard work and self-control lies behind this style. People judge them because they hate their own purposeless destructive lives. Housewives envy them for being fit and healthy without any plastic intervention, for being successful without being a trophy wife, for being independent and having strong goals in life. Raw foodists, vegans, and hippies dislike them for being raw, vegans, and healthy in style. People will always hate you if you stand out – stand out anyways! People will always judge you for being unique and outstanding – shine your light anyways! Haters will be always jealous of your success, because they are not willing to put so much work in designing their lives – make them jealous anyways!

Well, hello there, my name is Katrina, and I am the “blonde” in Loubutin’s driving Benz and wearing designer bags. You may judge me if you wish, I do not give a ***. By the way, I am also a vegan, animal right advocate, environmental activist, and a volunteer in animal shelters. I bring my own shopping bags, buy organic and local produce only mostly from farmers market, recycle everything I can (if you do not recycle you can not be my friend), never buy bottled water (I use my own filter at home), compost, and never waist anything! I also use only chemical-free natural body care and household products (most of which I make myself.) I love nature and design my life to be outdoors as much as possible enjoying local beaches, hiking, wind-surfing, or cycling, just to name a few. I live my life on the edge and appreciate every single day I have. I love people and I love animals, I love our Planet, which we humans are cruelly destroying, and I am here to show you how to live your life in style without destroying precious Earth’s recourses and stop being a mindless consumer. How to achieve what seems impossible what masses don’t even dare to dream about and to live a fulfilling life with passion and excitement. How to achieve success in all areas in your life: from health and fitness, relationships and happiness, to business and world-class lifestyle. Hop in my Benz and let me take you for a ride!


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