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You are Successful if You Do These 7 Things (Richard Branson style)

I am a big fan of Sir Richard Branson and after meeting him I became obsessed with his teachings. After reading all of his books and lot’s of stuff on his personal blog, I have summarized the most interesting points about success by Sir Richard Branson. 1. Success in any career is closely tied to […]

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Djokovic, Azarenka, Safin. How I got from middle class to Billionaire.

After I have been living in NYC for over 10 years it was not a surprise to meet a celebrity any longer. However, sometimes I was so occupied with my busy lives that I did not see anything around me. I was doing my internship at MTV when they requested me to open up Facebook […]

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Millionaires vs Billionaires

  Financial success is so hugely different for different people. For someone it’s to break into 6-figure income, for another it’s to become a millionaire and later a multi-millionaire. For some people success is to become the top 1% in the world by accumulating net-worth of billions. The thing is, we are all born with […]

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Joseph McClendon III

  Following a successful career with CBS records, Joseph McClendon III founded the Succelleration Research Group a leading consulting company that conducts Peak Performance coaching, workshops and seminars for business professionals around the world. Joseph McClendon has also been serving as an instructor at UCLA for past seven semesters. He teaches Human Re-engineering, Leadership, Advanced communication and […]

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Why YOU need a Mentor Revealed.

“Will you mentor me”, is the most important question you can ask. I have learned that from one of my mentors Berny Dohrmann, the Chairman of “CEO Space International”, author of “Diamond Heart”, “Money Magic”, and “Super Achievers” and the inventor of Super Teaching™.   I find mentorship to be one of the most helpful […]

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