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My Experience in Costa Rica

As I lay in the hammock by our beachfront villa in Costa Rica, I am reflecting on 2014 and my life overall… This is probably the most vulnerable and open post I have written so far and I feel like sharing it with you, my friends. If it resonates just with one person, if it […]

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    “Why live an ordinary life, when you can live an extraordinary one.” ― Anthony Robbins Blonde, brunette, and redhead arrive at the high-end steak house in a brand new Benz. They pull up straight to valet. As the guys open doors for them, 3 pairs of endless legs in Loubutin’s gracefully showing up […]

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Live.Love.Inspire World Tour

   Life is an absolutely amazing experience, just take every chance it gives you! I love synchronicities, signs and Universal guidance. I always take any chance life gives me. A few days ago an amazing man posted a very interesting sophisticated comment on one of my posts on Facebook. All I know next day we […]

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