9 Things I Have Learned from Stedman Graham

Stedman GrahamI had a privilege to meet Mr. Stedman recently and learned form him some important life lessons. I am happy to share his wisdom with you.

1. Define your core.

What do you LOVE (not like, but LOVE)? What’s your passion? What makes you happy? You have to clearly define those traits in order to live a fulfilled life.

2. Your vision.

Your vision is your life map. Without a map you will get lost and might never reach your destination. Map keeps you on track, allows you to set goals and to keep you organized.

3. You have to believe YOU ARE WORTHY.

This might be challenging for most of us. We have been programmed for so long that we are not good enough, not smart enough, not worthy. We constantly battle negative emotions and feelings of fear. You literally have to get up every morning and say to yourself I AM WORTHY! Because poverty is a mindset, just like success, choose wisely! Learn to love yourself.

4. Plan.

Write down all your goals and organize them in the matter of importance. Always start your day with the most important task and only after move to the next one.

5. Master the rules of the road.

Work hard (as Mr. Stedman says, Oprah works 16 hours a day, every day). Move from an average to significant. Separate yourself form everybody else. Create valuable content so your customers can’t resist. Create your won opportunities.

6. Your outlook on life.

It is not so much what happens, but how you respond to it. Do BEST YOU CAN in every situation! Master your emotions. Most mistakes you make when you are emotional.

7. Build your dream team.

Leadership is everything. Find outstanding people to join your team and lead them.

8. Make all the information relevant to who you are.

Read. Learn. Grow. Apply all that knowledge to progress your life.

9. Commit to you vision.

How bad do you want it? Go get it!

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