7 Things Successful People do Differently

D961A464779837896BCC11FB6221E4_h498_w598_m2I have been interviewing over 30 multimillionaires, 5 billionaires, world-class athletes, NYT bestselling authors, and billionaires.  Moreover, having a family member who has been ranked # 21 wealthiest person in the US and #41 in the world by Forbes a few years back, gave me some insides on what ultra successful people do daily to become the best in the world.

1. They take care of their physical health.

Successful people exercise regularly and nourish their bodies with healthy and living foods. They avoid anything fast and cheap.

2. They operate outside of their comfort zone.

Successful people always operate outside of their comfort zone to grow personally and to grow their business. They know the more uncomfortable they are the more growth and progress they will achieve.

3. They spend time with like-minded individuals.

Successful people are not arrogant or snobby. They value their time and spend it with people that nourish their soul and stimulate them in a meaningful way. Successful people don’t have time for shallow superficial conversations. At all costs they avoid gossips.

4. They make decisions fast and never second-guess themselves.

Successful people know that they need to act fast if they want to seize the opportunity. They make edgy straightforward decisions by saying yes or no, never may be.

5. They practice tremendous self-discipline and self-control.

Self-discipline is what differentiates an average person form a world-class. While an average person does anything to be comfortable, successful people use the last ounce of their will power to get up an hour earlier to exercise, to pass on unhealthy foods and stay away from any addiction.

6. They read a lot.

While the masses want to be entertained, world-class wants to be educated. Successful people read a lot books to feed their mind. While the masses watch TV, world-class solves problems.

7. They take full responsibility for their life.

Successful people take full responsibility for anything they do. Successful people never make excuses while the masses blame everybody else around, and in fact they even blame things for their misfortunes, and make all kind of excuses for why they are not happy, not successful, not healthy, not fit, you get the picture.

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