7 Reasons Why YOU Need To Write a Book

dish-bethennyMy first book Katrina’s Recovery opened so many doors for me that I could not even imagine! I was able to connect and interview people like Sir Richard Branson, John Assaraf, Deepak Chopra, Loral Langemeier, David E. Stanley (Elvis Presley’s step brother) and many more celebrities and luminaries. That gave me lots of credibility which led to new high paying clients and passive income from a book!

1. Credibility.

Being an author will give you credibility and make you an authority in your industry. You will become go-to person and will have an advantage over your competitors.

2. Higher speaking fees.

An author always gets an advantage to be invited to events as a speaker before non-authors and always gets higher speaking fees.

3. Media appearances.

It seems almost impossible to get on TV or on a cover of a magazine for 95% of population. However it’s easy for an author!  I have been featured all over online and offline media just because I am an author. Last week I was a guest on Dr. Oz show! You MUST do the same to differentiate yourself form other experts in your industry and become an Icon Advisor! And media appearances will bring you more high paying clients.

4. High paying clients.

An author can charge higher fees for his/her services just because he is an author! I was able to double my fees after launching my first book and got more clients.

5. Celebrity endorsements.

I’ve got celebrities endorsements for my book that boosted my book sales overnight! And I did not have to pay a dime for it! And the difference between a celebrity mentioning what they’re reading or being photographed with a copy of a book and the sales effect of an established book sales engineer really two different things. The last one brings 50% more sales! I reveal my success in getting celebrities to endorse my books in  my Celebrity Book Launch Course.

Celebrity Endorsements

6. Passive income.

On average my book brings me over $480 a day every day! And then I have created  multiple backend products, that brings me even more passive income!

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Katrina’s Healing Journal  brings me around $120 a day! Not bad, right?

You can launch endless backend products that will create you multiple income streams.

I teach in my Celebrity Book Launch Course all the details how to launch a book, create backend products and get celebrity endorsements for FREE, just the way I’ve done it! I reveal my secret to my students so they can accelerate their success.

7. Help others.

All of my books help thousands of people in different areas of their lives. Raw.Real.Revealed. help women to boost their self-esteem and go after their dreams in life. Katrina’s Recovery literally saves lives of those struggling with so-called “incurable” illnesses. When I read e-mails and reviews like this, it brightens my day:

“This book is amazing. I have stage 3 neuro Lyme, finally a book that explains to me my Lyme experience in full color helping me wake up from a long nightmarish episode. The allopaths can not heal late stage Lyme. Katrina has allot of alternative healing therapies that actually work and make sense. Thank You Katrina! This book has made me so happy, because there is so much inspiration, hope, and real working recipes for healing and health !!! So HAPPY !! Yes this book is like a one way ticket pass out of your Lyme jail…”

You can make a difference in people’s lives as well! Put your story on paper and let it spread across the globe!


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