7 Myths about Millionaires

wealthy-man-with-jet1. Millionaires are born lucky.

As Thomas Jefferson said, “I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.”

All successful people work extremely hard and smart to accumulate their wealth. Luck might play some role, but it’s more proximity then anything else. Proximity is power. Luck is icing on a cake.

2. Millionaires are born into a wealthy family.

3. Millionaires are obsessed with money and abandon their families.

Far from the truth. Millionaires create more wealth so to be able to create more time with their loved ones. They love to spend quality time together with their kids and relatives.

While this might be true for some people, majority of millionaires were not well off. They had worked hard for their fame and money.  Moreover, majority of successful people (in any walk of life) came from low-income families with no role models growing up.

4. Millionaires are “thieves”.

Middle class is afraid to work hard. They have settled for their miserable lives and call wealthy and successful people “thieves”. Middle class is not able to comprehend how wealth is build and they assume you have to “steal” or run an unethical business in order to become a multi-millionaire. It’s a big fat lie middle class have been telling themselves to make them “feel better”.

5. Millionaires party, gamble and order strippers.

There are always exceptions and this might be true for some millionaires, so it is for middle class. Millionaires are so obsessed with their success, they don’t have time for cheap entertainment. Millionaires work so hard, they are not dumb to gamble their money away.

6. Millionaires are arrogant.

Some of them are.  Some of the middle class are as well. More often arrogance is being confused with “being busy”. Successful people are busy building their Empire and have no time “to hang out”. They also tend to spend their valuable time with like-minded individuals discussing ideas and future, instead of getting waisted.

7. Millionaires marry models.

Some of them do. However, most of them are attracted to successful accomplished women who can carry a conversation. I have met amazing power couples that are on a mission to change the world together.


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