5 Things to Feel Happy Immediately

Anil GuptaI had a chance today to speak with a wonderful man Anil Gupta. Anil is a bestselling author of “Immediate Happiness”, international speaker and a philanthropist. I have learned from Anil 5 valuable tips how to feel happy and fulfilled instantaneously.

1. Write down 100 things you are grateful for.
List all the things including your own body parts, air we are given to breath,drinking water we are fortunate enough to have, our bodies that carry us every single day.

2. Give.
There is no better way to feel immediate uplift than to serve. Find what you love to do in life and give a few hours a day to someone in need.

3. Grow.
Read books, listen to your mentors, travel, meditate, attend seminars. There are countless ways to grow.

4. Contact 10 people and say “Thank you.”
Whether it’s your teacher, mentor or anyone you met or even have not met, call, send a card or e-mail and express your gratitude. You will feel happiness immediately.

5. Feel worthy.

No matter what your outside circumstances are, you are worthy and enough. Don’t let anyone or external world determine your worthiness.

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