5 Musts to Become a High Paid Expert

I get asked all the time how I  created  enough passive income to be able to travel the world, learn, grow, contribute, start new businesses and simply enjoy my life when other experts are struggling.

First of, I am a serial entrepreneur and I have consciousness and mentality of abundance, while the masses have scarcity mentality. Second, I was able to DIFFERENTIATE myself from other experts in my industry by becoming a bestselling author and a social media celebrity.

There are 5 basic rules you MUST follow to position yourself as an icon advisor.

1. Website.

Make sure your website is professional looking, easy to navigate and provides tons of valuable content. Update your blog posts at least once a week, I personally blog 5 times a week. Add value to your audience and they will seek you.

2. Write a book. Become bestselling author.

Being an author opens many doors for you, including but not limited to higher speaking fees, media appearances, high end clients, passive income and tons of content for your blog.

My first book Katrina’s Recovery opened so many doors for me that I could not even imagine! I was able to connect and interview people like Sir Richard Branson, John Assaraf, Deepak Chopra, Loral Langemeier, David E. Stanley (Elvis Presley’s step brother) and many more celebrities and luminaries. That gave me lots of credibility which led to new high paying clients and passive income from a book!

On average my book brings me over $480 a day every day!

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And then I have created  multiple backend products, that brings me even more passive income!

Katrina’s Healing Journal  brings me around $120 a day! Not bad, right?

You can launch endless backend products that will create you multiple income streams.

I teach in my Celebrity Book Launch Course all the details how to launch a book, create backend products and get celebrity endorsements for FREE, just the way I’ve done it! I reveal my secret to my students so they can  accelerate their success.

3. Get Testimonials and Endorsements.

Get as many reviews, testimonials and endorsements as possible. The more the better.

I have over 50 5-star reviews for each of my books. People are just raving how awesome my book is! Don’t believe me? Check it out! 

I have recorded Video reviews and uploaded to my Youtube Channel with awesome reviews for my Health Mastery Retreats. 

I’ve got celebrities endorsements for my book that boosted my book sales overnight! And I did not have to pay a dime for it! And the difference between a celebrity mentioning what they’re reading or being photographed with a copy of a book and the sales effect of an established book sales engineer really two different things. The last one brings 50% more sales!

Celebrity Endorsements

I reveal my success in getting celebrities to endorse my books in  my Celebrity Book Launch Course.

4. Become Social Media Celebrity. 

It’s crucial to your success to get active on social media. I have created 90% of my network and business via social media. Check out my Facebook pages to see how I network. Actually due to Facebook I have connected and became friends with #1 world athletes, billionaires, NYT bestselling authors, and outstanding people. I teach the art of network in my Celebrity Book Launch Course as well. Even connection with  Sir Richard Branson happened due to Facebook!

5. Become Traditional Media Celebrity.

It seems almost impossible to get on TV or on a cover of a magazine for 95% of population. However it’s easy for a bestselling author! (I teach in my course as well how to become Amazon bestselling author.) I have been featured all over online and offline media just because I am an author. You MUST do the same to differentiate yourself form other experts in your industry and become an Icon Advisor!

Leave a comment with your unique strategy or a question! 10 best comments will get complimentary my Celebrity Book Launch Course!

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