5 Keys to Health, Happiness, and Wealth!


Happy couple embracing and laughing on the beachWho are you? What is your life about? What makes you excited? What do you want on your journey? Who do you want to become?

You know why people don’t get what they want? Because they do not know what they want! They often say, “I want more money, I want to loose weigh, I just want to be happy. “ But these statements have no power unless you know exactly what you want, how you want it, why you want it, and by when you want it. You need to be as detailed as possible. As tony Robbins says, “If you talk about it, it’s a dream, if you envision it, it’s possible, but if you schedule it, it’s real.”

There are five major keys to success. Again, it can be your finances, health, relationship, happiness and any other areas of your life. You are to implement these five keys into your everyday life in order to achieve anything you desire.

1. Raise your standards! This is first and most crucial step to progress your life. And as we know, progress equals happiness. Raise your standards in all areas of your life! If you want financial success- raise your fitness standard as well. Everything is interconnected. You can’t be overweigh couch potato and be successful. You can be overweigh and wealthy, but you are not successful in that case. Success means mastery in all areas of your life. As a matter of fact, look at your body right now. Your physical shape is a direct reflection of your standards! If you are not happy with your physique, make a decision right now to change! Your destiny is determined by your decisions! You have the power to say, “No more! Enough is enough!” and change your life!

2. Destroy your limiting believes and create a new empowering story!

I don’t have time to exercise. I don’t have enough money to buy organic food. Economy is getting worse and worse, so I will never be wealthy. I am already in debt, why even bother. May be next year they will come up with a magic pill to loose weigh.

So which one are you? What is your story? Because your story is just a story that can be changed in a heart bit. You and I, all of us have been stock with limiting believes at one point in life. We all have different fabricated stories in our mind that keep us prisoners. Do you know what is the single most powerful force that controls your life? It is a power of choice. So choose right now, my friend, to make the decision to change your life forever. Choose to let go of your old story, your excuse, and step into a new world, a world of possibilities and freedom. Break free from your limiting believes that paralyze you and keep you from taking actions.

You can say to yourself, “I am not smart enough, I am not pretty enough, and I was not born as a trust fund, so I’ll never be wealthy and successful.” Or you can say to yourself, “I have the power to make a decision right now to change my life.  All I need is within me now. Everything is ‘figureoutable’, and I will do whatever it takes to reach this goal!” The choice is yours, my friend. Remember, your decision determines your destiny!

We have been conditioned not to stand out and follow the crowd since our childhood. You and I are and all human beings addicted to problems. Moreover your problem is that you think you should not have any problems.  When you achieve something great, people say, “easy for you”, they cannot relate.  But when something bad happens, when you have a problem, they say, “I understand, I have this and that as well.” Now they connect with you. Problems are vehicles that connect human beings. Now it is the time to change that! What if you take everything as a gift? Every single problem is a gift in life, a new experience and an opportunity to grow. A problem is just a question that has an answer!

3. Find a role model. If this particular result is possible to one human being, it is possible for all of us. Find a role model that achieved the desired results so you know your goal is attainable and sustainable and model what he/she did.

When I just got sick and labeled by western medical doctors “incurable”, I refused that tag and decided to find people that healed themselves and model whatever they did. I have found four Lyme survivors. After researching their treatments I have found a similar pattern that I implemented on my way to recovery. Same rule applies in business, fitness, relationships and all other areas of your life. You want to loose weight? Find someone who achieved great results and model their program. Want extraordinary relationship? Model couples with extraordinary relationships. Want successful business? Model successful business model and successful entrepreneurs. You’ve got the picture.

4. Put yourself in state of Absolute certainty! You have to produce results in your mind first. Envision yourself already successful, fit, healthy and happy. You remember an example of Roger the runner? He produced results in his head first and body just followed. Same concept applies in business, fitness, health, and relationships. In state of absolute certainty, and only of absolute certainty you will be able to take massive actions.

5. Take Massive Actions! Action is what will close the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be. Action is the single force that produces results. Most of us know what to do but very few do what they know. Knowing is not enough. Knowing and not taking actions is not any different form not knowing at all. You have the power in this very moment to change or accept. You have the choice to take bold decision or to hang on to what you’ve got. All the power is within you, my friend. Your next decision may change your life forever. Your whole destiny is determined by your decisions. Choose to change right now! Choose health, happiness, and success! Don’t let your life run by default, choose to become a pilot of your journey! Whatever your goal is, say it out loud, “I choose to be fit. I choose to run. I choose happiness. I choose success. I CHOOSE TO DO IT NOW!”

I want you to remember right now what was the toughest time in your life that you made it through? Remember it vividly. Remember details, remember the way you felt, your emotions, and feelings. Now think about what pulled you through? What did you decide back then to break through that crisis? Did you decide, “No more! This is absolutely unacceptable in my life! I must change that now!” Remember that infinite power you tapped in that pulled you through. This power is available to you all the time. You do not need to go through crisis to take your life to a next level. Now remember what was your life before the crisis? You may think first it was good, but if you dig dipper, you know it was a mediocre life. You know it was a wake up call. What did you do to turn things around? What actions did you take? And last but not least, how is your life better today?

Act as if failure is impossible, and your success will be definite. Get rid of every thought of not accomplishing your goals, whether they are health, your body image, wealth, success, love and relationship or spiritual. Be bold, and set no limits on the dreams of your imagination. Never be a prisoner of your past. Become the designer of your future. Your life will never be the same.