10 Rules to Get What You Want

As you probably know by now, I usually get what I strive for in life. And I do that in an ethical and moreover fun way! I have met and interviewed numerous luminaries and celebrities. I have been featured on major media networks. My books have been endorsed by celebrities, luminaries and world-class athletes. Sir Richard Branson, Bill Walsh, David Stanley,  Greg Reid , Michael Irvin – NFL, Matthew Hatchette – NFL, Bryon Russel, John Assaraf, Joseph Mcclendon III, Berny Dohrman, Phil Mickelson just to name a few.

So what’s my secret you might ask. Very simple. My secret lies in perseverance and taking massive actions.

If you want success and to join World-class, you must follow these rules:

1. Decide clearly what you want. Define your goal.

2. Know your WHY, reason why you must achieve these outcome.

3. Ask for help.

4. Tell them WHY they should help you. Give a solid reason.

5. Don’t take NO for an answer!

6. Offer your help to random people. What goes around, comes around.

7. Follow up.

8. Be polite.

9. If you get rejected, it’s not you. The other person might be having a bad day.

10. Express your gratitude when you get it!

Watch my video to see how I get some of the successful people to endorse my book.